Join us at the 10th INSME Annual Meeting!

– by the INSME Secretariat –

INSME-logo-newThe 10th INSME Annual Meeting on “Investing in Innovation: Building a Sustainable Knowledge-based Economy” will take place at Abu Dhabi from the 18th to the 20th of March, co-organized by Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (INSME Vice-President).
The 10th INSME Annual Meeting & Forum is going to be a special event as it stands for the 10th Anniversary of the International Network for SMEs. Since 2004 the Network is promoting innovation, with the aim to facilitate dialogue and cooperation among public and private actors.

The Association is steadily growing, as of today it proudly counts on 100 members from 44 different countries, and it is continuously increasing its services portfolio with the aim to share with members and relevant stakeholders best practice approaches and foster SMEs’ access to knowledge at international level.

venue-outsideThe 10th INSME Annual meeting will be a unique opportunity to network with relevant stakeholders, such as policy makers, financial actors, entrepreneurs, representatives from industries and universities, to share best practices in the field of innovation, to advance in the development of a sustainable knowledge-based economy and to discuss all relevant topics related with innovation. Furthermore, the INSME Annual Meeting will be the right place to identify potential partners, clients, investors for future business activities or to market services, projects and ideas.

The International Conference, on the 19th of March, will be the occasion for members and international delegates to benefit from the expertise of high-level speakers, including representatives from OECD and Virgin Unite Mentors.

masdar-city01The International INSME – Khalifa Fund Training Workshop taking place on the 20th of March, after the Innovation Tour to Masdar City, will focus on “Sustainability, Innovation and Design”, “Commercialization of Research”, “Tricks and Tips on Creative Communication” and will feature innovation leaders from Google, Larta Institute and MSME News Network Malaysia. The International Training aims at stimulating the discussion among actors from different backgrounds to encourage cooperation and interaction to strengthen the ability to innovate and reinvent by suggesting new solutions.

The INSME Annual Meeting will be the opportunity to enhance and share knowledge and to build a sustainable economy based on innovation and creativity together.

To register please visit or write to


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