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IP Considerations for App Developers in South-East Asia

– by the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk Team – In a world of increasingly affordable smartphone technology and rapidly expanding connectivity, the digital marketplace makes room for new players on the scene: the app developers. Third party’s apps have … Continue reading

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COMPETITIVE ROMANIA – Key Macroeconomic Indicators 2007-2016

– by Florin-Ioan Rosu – At 5.1%, Romania had the highest growth in the European Union (EU) in 2016, driven primarily by the domestic demand. Over the last 27 years, the country has made considerable progress in developing the institutions … Continue reading

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SMES AND THE NEW GEOGRAPHY OF BUSINESS: NO SME IS AN ISLAND. The era of Global Opportunity, Global Competition, Global Talent?

– by Juha Saukkonen – To the members of INSME and readers of its publications the fact more and more known and acknowledged by public and political spheres has been clear for long: net job creation in all developed economies – … Continue reading

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Innovation as the key component of the winning strategy for SME growing

– by Rubén Darío Cruz – SMEs have been recognized as critical in the economic and social development of most countries. They are especially important for their role in job creation with low investment, regional development, as suppliers to large … Continue reading

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Where Does Innovation Belong?

– by Richard Dealtry – I am very interested in questions about innovation. Where does it belong in any company? Who is the head of innovation? Are they at Director-level or does responsibility reside with someone in Accounts, or Production, or … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial culture and start-ups: a new culture encouraging entrepreneurship could trigger more innovative start-ups

– by Klaus-Heiner Röhl – Start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs are drivers of economic growth in regions and nations. But European regions show a rather low number of successful high growth start-ups compared to the United States. Innovative start-ups in Europe are … Continue reading

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How Asia increases productivity through SME internationalization

– by Shigehiro Shinozaki – Since the 1990s, the global economy has been supported by high growth of labor productivity in Asia. However, the growth pace of labor productivity in the region has been slowing since the 2008/09 global financial … Continue reading

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